Visit from Cameroon…!

Elvis Noupue in action at the Africa Cup

Elvis Noupue, FIFA referee assistant from Cameroon, was the first of the invited VIPs to announce today (June 10) that he has received his visa. Welcome to the Referee Cup!
First the Referee Cup, then the World Cup: the 38-year-old referee was recently nominated for the World Cup in Qatar.

Carine Atezambong Fomo

Another colleague was due to come from Cameroon – unfortunately she had to cancel at short notice because the African Football Association send her to a tournament in Morocco: Carine Atezambong Fomo, who was nominated for the U20 Women’s World Cup in Costa Rica in August. But the organizers were quick and pulled Melina Willig from the neighboring Heidekreis out of her hat. The 26-year-old from Benefeld officiates in the women’s 4th league and is an assistant to Eintracht’s top referee Celina Boehm in the second women’s Bundesliga.
An overview of the referees of the 15th Referee Cup can be found HERE.