Tournament news 2017

First day is done!


The tables after the first day

Pool A:
1. SRV Hannover 13:1, 15
2. NFV-Kreis Harburg 14:3, 15
3. KS Wielkopolskiego ZPN I 9:1, 10
4. NFV-Kreis Lüneburg 11:8, 9
5. MTV Treubund Lüneburg 4:3, 8
6. SRV Duisburg-Nord 5:6, 5
7. SFV Magdeburg 2:9, 4
8. SC Vorwärts/Wacker 04 Hamburg 3:12, 2
9. Lahden Erotuomarikerho 0:18, 0

Pool B:
1. Wiener Schiedsrichterkollegium 13:0, 15
2. Escheburger SV 12:4, 12
3. NFV-Kreis Uelzen 12:5, 11
4. SRV Dortmund 10:4, 7
5. KS Wielkopolskiego ZPN II 6:3, 7
6. KFV Stormarn 5:6, 5
7. SV Eintracht Lüneburg 1:9, 5
8. SRV Remscheid 3:10, 2
9. NFV-Kreis Grafschaft Bentheim 0:21, 0

Schedule for printing


For a quick overview, the match schedule is also summarized on a few sheets. To download please click here (as well available only in German language): Schedule

The tournament brochure is ready now!


Finally, everything is fine now… After inserting the last sponsor banner, the tournament brochure was now ready to be created. The 20 pages includes every important things about the tournament.
A click on the preview image and the booklet is already available for download. “Real” copies are then available on the first day of the tournament when registering at the tournaments office desk.
Please note: the corresponding pdf file is prepared for duplex printing and is available only in German language.

19 teams?


The organizers are very relaxed about the question that they will find a 20th team before the start of the tournament. If not, the group B will only start with nine teams and the finals games would be played as a small pool with the two ninth place finishers and the tenth of group A.

More sponsorship agreements


Now it’s going to hit the mark – other companies have joined the sponsor’s pool: Lueneburg’s Schnitzel Palace “Anno 1900” (the closing banquet will take place on Sunday from 6:00 p.m.), the cattle dealer Peter Voss, Jesco von Neuhoff with his promotional items “JvN – DAS ORIGINAL -“, the country inn from Volkmar Konik in Betzendorf, as well as Andreas Friedrich with his sport’s shop “Intersport Friedrich”.
Thanks a lot for this!

The match schedules are published!


Two groups of ten teams form the two preliminary round groups of the Referee Cup. The draw was made yesterday (01.06.2017) in the club’s bar of SV Eintracht Lueneburg, the match schedules are now published on the homepage. The tournament booklet with all the informations will be available for download in the near future.
Unfortunately on mobile devices the match schedule is displayed incorrectly, we hope to find a solution as soon as possible!

Players Night


The pavilion is organized, the club’s bar owner Bobby Gavrilovic has a special offer: for only 10 € he offers suckling pig or lamb with coleslaw and bread (with pre-booking – the evening price is 12.50 €), the refrigerator for some cool drinks is already ready: This can only be a wild party …!



Other changes


Unfortunately, the colleagues from Gothenburg canceled their participation, the hosts are still looking for a 20th team. Nevertheless, the schedule is now published here on the homepage.
Another referee has now been appointed to officiate the games of the tournament: Kord-Henning Schroeder (Rotenburg), former 4th league referee, will make the players sleepy during the matches with his well-known and popular style. The organization team had to react, as FIFA referee Khurram Shahzad from Pakistan still could not obtain a visa for his stay in Germany.

Changed participant list


The organizers made a mistake and reported the participation of the referees from KFV Altmark-Ost – unfortunately they will not be in Lueneburg. But the solution was found very soon: the Polish colleagues from Posen spontaneously signed a second team.

2019? 2019!


After the tournament will be soon before the tournament: the 14th International Referee Cup is scheduled to take place on June, 22nd and 23rd, 2019. Should there be a date conflict with the Lueneburg City Festival, the event takes place on June 29th/30th, 2019. We are already looking forward to it!

Match schedule will follow soon


After a six-year break, 20 teams from five different nations have already been found to play the Referee Cup. At the moment, the raw game plan is being created, each team will play six matches on the first day, and on the second day five matches of 12 minutes each.
The tournament opening will be on Saturday at 3:00 pm, exactly 24 hours later the final will be kicked off. On Saturday, SVE bar owner Bobby Gavrilovic invites from 6:00 pm to the “Players Night”.

More referees


Two other referees announced to be part of the tournament: Rehmah Kizito from Uganda, from 2008 to 2014 FIFA assistant and now a fitness coach of the Ugandan referees, will come from Kampala. And one of the most prominent referees in the Lueneburg district has also confirmed his participation: Yavuz Dag, former 6th league referee from Celle, will also enrich this event.

Also cancellations can be nice


Many invitations have been sent, but unfortunately there is sometimes no answer, but the referee associations, who will not be able to go to Lüneburg this year and sent a cancellation – we meet us maybe in 2019?
Referee Associations: Berlin-Charlottenburg, Gifhorn, Herne, Berlin-Neukoelln, Oberhavel/Barnim, Achern, Duesseldorf, Herford, Stuttgart, Pirmasens/Zweibruecken, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Netherlands), Nuertingen, Diepholz, Detmold, Deventer & Omstreken (Netherlands), Heilbronn, Kolegjiumi Arbitrave “Luan Zylfo” Tiranë (Albania)

Application deadline extended


3 new, one away


A cancellation, but then three confirmations within ten minutes – the participant field is filled more and more. Initially, the KFV Ostholstein refused but the commitment of the NFV-District Grafschaft Bentheim followed. With the referee-sections of Eintracht and Vorwaerts Nordhorn, teams from this district had participated in the early years of the Referee Cup. Afterwards, the first commitment of a team from Sweden took place: for the Gothenburgs Ideella Fotbolldomarklubb (GIFDK) General Secretary Bashim Hariri admitted. And the following message makes the Referee Cup a 5-nation-tournament again: Szymon Lizak, Referee-instructor of Kolegium Sędziów Wielkopolskiego Związku Piłki Nożnej from Poznan in Poland, announced the participation for a team of his Referee association. Stadium spokesman Stephan Wetzel immediately resigned his position – he was not insured against tongue breaking.

Changes at the referees


Suddenly, there were only three: only three of the seven FIFA-Women-Referees from Africa have just confirmed their participation: Gladys Lengwe from Zambia and Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi) and Diana Mukasa from Uganda, now living in Norway. And a new referee is now on the stage: AFC Elite Referee Khurram Shehzad from Pakistan spontaneously agreed to participate in the tournament.

Other sponsors


Interhyp, Germany’s largest company of private construction finance, is sponsoring the Referee Cup 2017 as part of the “Interhyp Initiative” with € 1,000. The transfer of the check to the responsible persons of the SV Eintracht Lueneburg will take place shortly.
In addition, Gunnar Sellmer hopes to be the clean-up of all his sins he has committed as a trainer to referees with an advertisement for his engineering office. A good start – but many coaches would have to give considerably larger amounts … 😉

The big reunion


Many former referees from Lüneburg (and from the neighborhood) take the Referee-Cup as an occasion to celebrate a reunion. For instance, the former high-level-referees Oliver Steinberg (now Rendsburg/Eckernfoerde), Oliver Albrecht (now referee group Zirndorf in Frankonia) and Mario Warias (TuS Fleestedt, now Berlin) have announced their visit at the Hasenburg. And there will be many more – this will be a party…!



Missing accommodations due to various other events in Lüneburg threatened to become a little problem, but with the recently opened B&B Hotel directly between the railway station and the inner city and the accommodation of four teams, the situation has relaxed. Tip: still have to get there for the tournament weekend room …!

Tennis club is available


Brigitte Krueger, head of the tennis section of SV Eintracht Lueneburg, said that the tennis club with the locker rooms, the lounge and the terrace is available for the Referee-Cup.

Supervisor for guests from Africa


Guenther Thielking, member of the of the referee competence team of the German Football Association around Lutz Wagner, spontaneously agreed to join the team, which will look after the African FIFA referees when they visit Germany. The former head of a primary school from Hagen near Cuxhaven already knows FIFA referee Akhona Makalima (East London) from several visits to South Africa.

SeeZeit Apartments next sponsor


Next sponsor for the 13th Referee-Cup: Martina Werner with her wonderful SeeZeit holiday apartments at Timmendorfer Strand. Pure pleasure at the Baltic Sea!!!
For further information, please take a look to the following link:

“Kuddi” is coming!


Without “Kuddi”, no Referee-Cup will be taking place: Kurt Meyer (SC Vorwaerts/Wacker 04 Hamburg) now announced a team of his club. The tournament winner of 1999, in addition to the most successful football also emerged in the communication with the other tournament participants and the celebration of the Referee-Cup. But unimportant what happened: the first game on Sunday morning all players were ready again – hat off!

Referees from Africa?!


For some times now, the rumors became louder and louder: yes, it is true that the orga-crew are looking for some very prominent colleagues to officiate at the tournament: led by the two Olympics participants in Rio 2016, Gladys Lengwe (Zambia) and Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi), seven current and former FIFA referees from six African countries are expected in Lueneburg. Currently the visa procurement and sponsor search is on the agenda of the tournament organizers. Of course, other sponsors are welcome for the one-week stay of the colleagues – if interested, just send an e-mail to

Gladys and Bernadettar are well known for German experts: in Winnipeg/Canada they officiated 2015 the German World Cup match against Thailand (4-0).
Let’s keep our fingers crossed … that we can welcome them here in Lüneburg!

The DRC will take a look


Of course, he has announced himself: District’s Referee Chairman Berthold Fedtke (Sittensen) will also be at the 13th Referee Cup. The tournament is an ideal point to talk with many old and young, successful and unsuccessful talents and to meet old companions. Certainly, further members of the district referee committee will also be guests at the Hasenburg. Photo (made at Referee-Cup 2009) from left to right: Volker Leddin (Referee Chairman RA Uelzen), Klaus Remus (Member referee committee Uelzen), Berthold Fedtke (District’s Referee Chairman Lueneburg)

Visitors from Hanover


Patrick Herbach now confirmed the participation of the Referee Association Hanover on the 13th Referee Cup. The team of the current Lower Saxony U18-Referee-Champion is sure to be one of the favorites – footballing and celebrating …
In addition, the rumors are gathering that old friends will also participate: the referees of the SC Vorwaerts/Wacker 04 Hamburg-Billstedt…

Second foreign Team: Lahti/Finland


Visit from Finland: the former Finnish FIFA-Assistant Teijo Kotinurmi now confirmed the participation of the Referee-Association Lahti (Lahden Erotuomarikerho) at the Referee Cup in June. The friends from Lahti were the first foreign team to take part in the tournament at Hasenburg in 1989. Tervetuloa!

Another debutant: Magdeburg!


Teamchef Daniel Papenhagen now announced a team of the Magdeburg referees for the 13th International Referee-Cup.

Goettingen-Osterode + MTV Treubund Lueneburg participate


Next commitment from regular guests: Marc Stremlau (NFV-Kreis Goettingen-Osterode) now announced a team of his RA to the Referee-Cup. Welcome back!
And the second football-Club from Lueneburg with a large referee section will participate: Referee-chairman André Dkhili registered his MTV Treubund Lueneburg to the Referee-Cup. Thank you, neighbors!

Debutant from Hamburg


Mail from Hamburg: Chairman Kelvin Wodrich announced the participation of the referee-section of the Escheburger SV at the tournament in June. The ESV will be the first time at the “Hasenburg”.

Two more commitments


Two further commitments have now arrived: from Saxony-Anhalt the referees of the KFV Altmark-East are old regular guests and as a Newcomer Roland Epp as vice-chairman has registered the referees from Ostholstein. Welcome!


News from the Scheidsrechters


Hugo Jaspers, secretary of the Dutch COVS referees’ association, also supported the Referee Cup and has posted the invitation on the COVS homepage:

COVS Niederlande

Thanks, Hugo!

Invitation from Senegal …!


Unbelievable: the former FIFA referee and today’s FIFA instructor Fatou Gaye (Dakar/Senegal) supports the idea of the Referee-Cup and will submit an invitation to a referee’s tournament in Dakar to the referees of SV Eintracht for 2018…

First registration from Schleswig-Holstein


Bjoern Gustke, Referee Chairman of Stormarn Referee Association (Schleswig-Holstein) just sent a mail that a team of his area will participate at the Referee-Cup in June. Welcome! You will find more informations about the Stormarn RA here: Referees Stormarn

Also Dortmund again …


They are back! Carsten Marks, 2nd chairman of the Dortmund Referee Association, just announced the participation of his team. Welcome in Lueneburg!

Confirmation from Austria


Andreas Fellinger, committee-member of the Vienna Referee-Association, former FIFA-Assistant and regular guest at the Referee-Cup, sent great news last week: a team of referees from the Austrian capital will participate in the Referee-Cup 2017. We are looking forward to the friendly friends from Austria!
In 2001 and 2003 the Viennese participated with two teams and finished at the places 10 + 17 as well as 5 and 20. In 2009, they made the big deal and the winner’s shield was taken to Vienna. In 2011, they contented themselves with place 18, the photo shows the team after the winner’s ceremony (only one colleague really laughs: with a beer barrel in his hand …).

First Sponsor


We proudly announce the first sponsor: the “Schuh u.- Schlüssel Schnelldienst” Hayrullah Sahin in Reppenstedt support this big event!

Selection of Lueneburg Referees take part


The former nationwide referee Tobias Helwig (FC Heidetal) as teammanager just announced that a team of our local Lueneburg Referee Association will participate next June.

Title holder participate


The reigning champions will participate again! Referee-chairman Volker Leddin just confirmed the participation of Uelzen Referee Association at 13th Referee-Cup.
The photo shows the team 2011 after the victory, framed by the organizers Denny Meier (left) and Oliver Vogt (right).

First commitment of a neighbor


A man a word: the manager of the referee-team from the northern neighbor district Harburg announced last weekend that his team will take part at the Referee-Cup next June.
In 1995 they won the Referee-Cup and finished in 2003 at third place.

Tournament’s voice


Of course he will be the voice of the tournament: the former referee-chairman of Stade Referee Association, Stephan Wetzel!

Invitation? Why? We’ll come anyway!


We don’t send any official invitation to anyone until now but we received two commitments from old guests from the Western part of Germany: the Referee Association of Remscheid and the Referee Association of Duisburg-North (Winner 2001 + 2003, Runners-Up 2009 + 2011) will participate in June 2017. Welcome back!