Tournament news 2019

Hanover did it!


Referee Association Hanover

In a great and fair final, the Referee Association Hanover overturned the defending champion, the team of the Referee Association Harburg. The 1:0 gave the colleagues from the state capital the title for the first time.

Two short-term cancellations


Unfortunately, two teams canceled at short notice: Escheburger SV and Referee Association Dortmund will not take part. Since both teams were drawn in group A, SC Vorwärts/Wacker 04 Hamburg moved from group B to group A and took over the matches of the Escheburg colleagues. The corresponding other games are eliminated.

The tournament brochure is available


The tournament brochure with schedules, directions and some more information about the Referee Cup is now available on this page here in the download area. At the tournament, enough copies will be available.

Attention for our club’s pub owner Bobby…!


After hard work, a good meal is important: Club’s Pub owner Bobby offers on Saturday evening fresh schnitzel of pork and chicken, French fries and salads – a portion for only 10 €.
In order to plan in such large quantities, it is important that each team pre-orders until 18.06.2019. The ribbons are to be collected against payment of the ordered portions at the tournament management on Saturday until 4:00 pm.
The colleagues who spend the night in tents on the tournament grounds will be offered a breakfast (including coffee) on Sunday morning for just 7.50 €. Also here you have to book in advance until 18.06.2019 and pay everything at the tournament management.
Ordered quantities have to be paid.

Big raffle


Of course, a raffle must not be missing. In collaboration with the Travel agency Sievert, the main prize is a


400 € Travel Voucher


to provide. In addition, there will be more great winnings – so join in!
Raffle ticket 1 €, six tickets cost 5 €.

Saturday: crossbar shooting


Club’s pub owner Bobby Gavrilovic does not believe that referees have any feeling in their feet – so he will organize on Saturday at 21:00 h a crossbar shooting. € 10 bet, five players and three prizes:

1st prize 100 € Food/Drink voucher
2nd prize 1 box of beer
3rd prize 1 bottle of “Berliner Luft”

It’s time to prove him wrong. Shortly after the announcement of this competition the first registrations were already made – obviously there are more ball artists than expected among the referees ..:!


Draw is done


At the board meeting of the Heide-Wendland Football Association in the clubhouse of the TuS Barendorf the district vice chairman Hartmut Jäkel took over the responsibility and drew the lots for the pools. As in 2017, two pools of ten teams were formed.
As a reward, Hartmut Jäkel will also be part of the tournament committee of the Referee Cup.

20 Teams now!


20 teams will play the Referee Cup this year. Shortly before the deadline for registration, the colleagues from Magdeburg reported a second Team and 6th League referee Tom Holzky confirmed the participation of the neighbors from the Heidekreis.

Visas are granted!


Adia Cisse + Mapathé Gaye

The visas have been issued, and now it can be published: one of the best and most experienced African FIFA assistants, Adia Cisse from Senegal, will officiate at the Referee Cup. Her highlight in 2018 was the nomination for the semi-final match South Africa – Mali at the African Championships for Women in Ghana. Adia and her colleague Mapathé Gaye, who will also be in Lueneburg, sent the snapshot as a short greeting from the Senegalese FIFA referee’s seminar last week in Dakar.
The delegation from Senegal completes Fatou Gaye, who is now serving as referee instructor for FIFA. Welcome to Lueneburg!








Registrations from DO + LG


Two other teams with some success at the Referee Cup have registered: the Referee Association Dortmund was 1993 and 2001 tournament second, in 1991 behind the outstanding Soviet (!) FIFA referees and the Dutch team from Noord-Oost Twente best German team in third place, only the title is missing – will it work this time?
The referees from MTV Treubund Lueneburg already have the title, which is still lacking from their colleagues from Westphalia: in 1989, the referees from Uelzener Strasse won the winner’s cup by beating the Lueneburg Referee Association 1-0 in the final. By the way, with 14 active referees, MTV Treubund is the football club with the third largest refereeing section in the Heide-Wendland district.

Registration deadline extended


Some teams are still in assembling a team or in organizing the trip. Therefore, the tournament officials have extended the registration deadline by one month to the 15th of May 2019.
After this period, the groups are then drawn at a tournament sponsor and the schedule will be created.

34 years without the Middle Rhine are over!


The Referee Cup had to grow for 34 years, so that for the first time a team of the Football Association Middle Rhine participates: Referee committee member Felix Haller now registered a team of referee colleagues from the Heinsberg district.
Welcome to Lueneburg, welcome to our referee family!
The district of Heinsberg is the westernmost district of Germany, the distance to the Siegfried Körner Stadium is at least 450 km.


Mail from Magdeburg


They make it again: Daniel Papenhagen, referee appointment manager of the “City Association Football” from Magdeburg, now registered a team of his referees to the Referee Cup. The cheerful men from Saxony-Anhalt took 14th place in their first participation in 2017. They have to improve – in the competition between the end of the tournament on the first day and the start on the second day, they were already in the leading group.


Municipal bank foundation sponsors Referee Cup


Great news from the Lueneburg municipal bank foundation: the Referee Cup complies with the guidelines and is financially supported accordingly. This was decided by the Board of Trustees in its last meeting.


Visitors from Berlin and Bocholt!


Good news from Berlin: after several years ago the Referee Association Charlottenburg and the referee section of the Bundesliga club Hertha BSC were regulars in Lueneburg, another team comes to the Referee Cup. The “Young Boys”, a selection of Berlin referees, who have enjoyed their education in the most successful project for U19 referees in the DFB, the Berlin U19 Referee squad (Juniorenleistungskader – JLK -), will represent the capital city in Lueneburg. By the way, the well-known FIFA referees Felix Zwayer, Manuel Graefe and Daniel Siebert made their first steps at the Berlin JLK as well. Maybe all tournament participants and visitors should ask the Berlin guests for an autograph – it could be very valuable later!
Also registered for the first time is a team of the area 11 from the FV Lower-Rhine: the referees of the Rees-Bocholt district. There are rumors that the team have already bribed the club’s pub owner to get their drinks at the bar first…
So: welcome aboard – it’s wonderful that you’re expanding our referee’s family!

First V.I.P.’s on the Hasenburg


The referee chairman of the Lower Saxony Football Association Bernd Domurat has informed the organizers that he is expected to be there on Sunday at the Siegfried Koerner Stadium at the 14th Referee Cup. It will be his first visit to the tournament – hopefully the event will be an integral part of his schedule…
Likewise, the referee chairman of the district of Lueneburg, Berthold Fedtke, announced his participation – he is like almost every time at the Referee Cup. Rumors say that he secretly refreshed his language skills in English, Finnish, Turkmen and French in evening classes to give his speech at the award ceremony in five languages.
Welcome, you both!

Orga-Meeting 08.03.2019


Mario Warias, Bobby Gavrilovic, Oliver Vogt

Slowly, the tournament date is approaching – now it is also necessary to clarify the conditions on the tournament ground. A first meeting took place last Friday in the Club’s Pub “Fairplay” – unfortunately reduced by illness and work, but no less successful. The organizers Mario Warias and Oliver Vogt, as well as pub owner Bobby Gavrilovic, worked on a long agenda, pinpointing things, but also took a long list of tasks to complete in the near future.
The crew was initially able to announce that a sponsor is providing eight handheld radios, which will make the communication between the various task forces on the large sports grounds considerably more efficient.
The individual areas of the tournament ground have been defined and can be found on the How to get there page.
Bobby Gavrilovic will offer a Schnitzel buffet on Saturday evening, the details will be communicated to the participating teams in near future. And don’t worry: there will also be chicken schnitzel and vegetarians will get enough…
In addition, the SVE referees as hosts will be selling coffee and home-baked cakes on both days.

The neighbors are coming!


The football club with the largest refereeing section in the local Football Association (Heide-Wendland-Kreis) has now registered for the first time for the Referee Cup: the TSV Bienenbuettel. 19 referees, who officiate the majority higher-class matches, are active for the club from Niendorfer Weg.



Visit from Tahiti!


Flights are already booked: FIFA Referee Kader Zitouni from Tahiti will stay from 20th to 24th of June in Lueneburg to attend the Referee Cup. At the end of February, an important referee seminar awaits him: the colleague from the Pacific Ocean is one of FIFA’s perspective referees, who are already being put together in training sessions to prepare for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. The first course will take place from February 25 to March 1 in Doha. Also a colleague from the Bundesliga is there: Daniel Siebert from Berlin will also participate.
Who is still nominated can be read here:





Gifhorn at the start for the first time


For the first time the referee colleagues of NFV-Kreis Gifhorn will participate in the Referee Cup. The team from the district town of Braunschweig, 100 km away, will spend the night in the Lüneburg Youth Hostel.
But also regulars come back: Dirk Spiegelhauer, KSO of the district Remscheid, registered a team of his referees.

Visit from Asia?


Two top referees from their countries are on the way to Lueneburg: Charymurat Kurbanov, No. 1 from Turkmenistan (left) and Khurram Shehzad from Pakistan (right) have submitted their applications to be part of the Referee Cup as referees. Both know each other from many joint courses and tournaments and are certainly an enrichment for the referee family the Referee Cup.






Short hotel offer in Lueneburg


As every year, looking for places to stay is a challenge. So far, however, a satisfactory solution has always been found. The B&B Hotel Lueneburg has informed the tournament organizers that there are still places available – the hotel, which opened in 2017 between the train station and the city center, represents an outstanding extension of the Lueneburg hotel scene.

First tournament referee


For the first time Nigeria will participate in the Referee Cup: Mimisen Agatha Iyorhe from Nigeria, since 2012 FIFA assistant, submitted the participation documents. Mimisen participated as an assistant at the African Championships 2016 and 2018 and is one of the top assistants of the African Continental Confederation CAF.
There are also news from Senegal: the football association will send Mapathé Gaye, a young and talented premier league referee to the Referee Cup.

Further commitments are available


In the meantime, there are further commitments from some more teams: from the Hamburg Football Association the friends from SC Vorwaerts/Wacker 04 Hamburg-Billstedt have registered and also the Escheburger SV. Martin Meyer booked a place for the defending champion, the referee team of the NFV-Kreis Harburg and the first pledge of a foreign team arrived: President Reijo Tikakoski announced a team of the Referee Association Lahti, known under the beautiful Finnish name “Lahden Erotuomarikerho” – short LEK -, will compete in Lueneburg.
In addition, the organizers have a lot of requests from referee teams, from Berlin, Remscheid, Hanover, Celle, Gifhorn, Saxony and the Saarland, also a pre-request from Kenya (!). It will be colorful again on the Hasenburg!

Supervisor of the tournament referees


As in 2017, Guenther Thielking from Hagen, member of the DFB referee teaching committee and referee teacher at the Lower Saxony Football Association, will look after the referees at the Referee Cup.
The 70-year-old former primary school principal likes to travel around the world and associates this with contacts to referees on all continents – thus perfect conditions to manage the stay of the various referees at the Referee Cup.






Juergen Buettner committed


After the success in 2017 with the 12th place for the host team, the lengthy contract negotiations with the former star coach Juergen Buettner from Berlin were successfully concluded. He will coach the hosts on the tournament weekend, order: 11th place!

New tournament referees are needed


It’s now clear that at least two new tournament referees will be needed for the 2019 Referee Cup: Gladys Lengwe and Bernadettar Kwimbira have now been nominated by FIFA for the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France. We congratulate and wish you all the best in France!
In addition, tournament organizers are in the process of convincing some FIFA referees from different continents to participate in the Referee Cup. As soon as there are commitments, it will be reported at this point.

The first commitment


No sooner have the first official invitations been sent than the colleagues from the Lower Rhine have already registered: Karl-Heinz Roesner immediately registered the Referee Association Duisburg-Nord at the tournament. The tournament winner of 2001 and 2003 will surely be part of the narrow favorites in 2019 as well.

Sponsor #1


As in 2017, he is the first tournament sponsor: Hayrullah Sahin’s Shoe and Key Service from Reppenstedt again supports the Referee Cup. Hayrullah Sahin himself was a referee at the Referee Cup on several occasions.





Tents from the fire department


Since the changing facilities at the show grounds are not sufficient for such a large event, the Vastorf Voluntary Fire Department provides two large tents. Many thanks in advance!

Great success at the U20 Women’s World Cup



Gladys Lengwe (Zambia)

Probably thanks to the hard training at the 13th Referee Cup Gladys Lengwe and Bernadettar Kwimbira were rewarded at the U20 World Cup in France: they got the appointment together with Lidwine Rakotozafinoro from Madagascar to officiate the match for third place (France – England).







Reunion with the stars of 2017


The Top 6 African Women Referees – from left to right: Gladys Lengwe (Zambia), Queency Victoire (Mauritius), Abebe Ledya (Ethiopia), Mary Njoroge (Kenya), Lidwine Rakotozafinoro (Madagascar), Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi)

Reunion with the Referee of the Referee Cup 2017 in Brittany/France: Referee chairman Oliver Vogt not only met Gladys Lengwe and Bernadettar Kwimbira, but all six African participants in this World Cup. Super sympathetic ladies and excellent referees!

JvN – the Original – first tournament supporter 2019


With a working lunch with at Martin Luehmann’s wonderful restaurant “Anno 1900” began the preparations for the 14th Referee Cup in 2019. Included was Jesco von Neuhoff, who provided with his company JvN – the Original – for the tournament logo and his inexhaustible ideas of the Event will be available.


2019 – we got the date!


Only one phone call with the Lueneburg city marketing was enough, then the date of 2019 was fixed: the 14th Referee Cup will be held on June, 22nd and 23rd 2019. This avoids the city festival, which will take place a week earlier. Immediately thereafter, the Facebook page of this unique event in the refereeing world went online: