2nd row from left: Otto Vogt, Christoph Ulinski, Kilian Sieper, Lukas Stegen, Thore Bandow, Jan-Erik Ramm, Mirko Kaempfer, Tim Arend, Oliver Vogt, Manfred Fricke; 1st row from left: Sven Kampf, Lukas Wandrey, Aline Schoensee, Celina Sophie Boehm, Sebastian Deike, Milan Hahnemann, Richard Broischer

Even frosty temperatures can’t hurt the referees of the SV Eintracht: in the newly delivered adidas18 outfit (well, the socks were still not available after half a year …) the host referees met in the morning of December, 16th at their sportsground to shoot some host photos for the Referee Cup. Only Victoria Reinecke were missed – but nevertheless the SVE Referees are not only successful, but also really beautiful…!

(December 16th, 2018)