Greetings from Tokyo

Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi), who participated at the Referee Cup in 2017, sent greetings from the Olympic Games in Tokyo right after the match for third place in the women’s competition from the referee team.
On the photo from left to right: Andres Cunha (Uruguay/AVAR), Stephanie Frappart (France/4th referee), Bernadettar Kwimbira (Malawi/4th RA), Mary Blanco (Colombia/RA2), Laura Fortunato (Argentina/Referee), Mariana de Almeida (Argentina/RA1), Guillermo Cuadra Fernández (Spain/VAR), Mauro Vigliano (Argentina/VAR)
If you want to meet such interesting colleagues, the Referee Cup 2022 is recommended. Come along and feel comfortable in the referee family!

(August, 5th 2021)