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The local newspaper reports…


Best advertisement for the referees – and also for SV Eintracht: SVE top referee Celina Böhm was accompanied by the local newspaper “Lüneburger Landeszeitung” during the friendly match Vastorfer SK – TSV Gellersen (2-0). The result is a great report and video:

Thanks to the Lüneburger Landeszeitung for permission to publish!

The video:

Referee 2nd Women Bundesliga Celina Böhm

Bundesliga at the SVE


Last weekend, Celina Böhm also passed the DFB elite course test at the Hessian sports school Grünberg and now it’s official: SV Eintracht Lüneburg has a second division referee! In addition to her job as referee in the 2nd women’s Bundesliga, she will also be employed as assistant referee and fourth official in the 1st “FLYERALARM” women’s Bundesliga in the coming season.
After two years in the B-Juniorinnen-Bundesliga, the next big step on the career ladder of the 23-year-old student followed.




Bye, Frank!


After two seasons Frank Schlicht ended his career at SV Eintracht and switched back to his home club TuS Brietlingen as a referee. Thank you for your time at the Hasenburg – you can come back anytime!



District referee chairman Berthold Fedtke, who left at the end of the season, sent great news to the Eintracht top referee Celina Böhm: next season she will be officiating matches games in the men’s 6th league. The Eintracht referees warmly congratulate and always wish the right whistle at the right time – keep it up!




Appointment to the talent squad


Kilian Sieper

After the merger of the three districts of Lueneburg, Uelzen and Luechow-Dannenberg, the local Referee Committee decided to install a talent squad with around ten young colleagues between the ages of 15 and 20 to promote young talents. The squad is headed by none other than former FIFA Referee Assistant Carsten Kadach from Suderburg. A talent from SV Eintracht was also nominated: 15-year-old Kilian Sieper made it into the squad with good performances. We congratulate!





The local newspaper reports…


The SVE referee Aline Schönsee was recognized as the winner of the women’s category in the NFV district of Heide-Wendland in the “Danke Schiri” (“Thank you referee”) campaign by the DFB and DEKRA – the local press was there:

Thanks to the Lüneburger Landeszeitung for permission to publish!

SVE referees kick into the quarterfinals


Before the quarterfinals, a photo with the friends of the Referee Association Duisburg-North

After a break of many years, the SVE referees again took part in an external referee tournament on October 5th: at the “October week indoor tournament” of the FLVW district Höxter in Warburg, the Hasenburg referees were able to advance to the quarterfinals. After two last-minute victories (1:0 each) against the hosts and a team from Berlin and a 2:2 draw against the future finalist, the Referee Association Paderborn, the team met in the quarter-finals Duisburg-North. The Team from Northrhine-Westfalia, 3 times as old as the Lüneburg team, cleverly exploited every little mistake and won 4:1.
So the Lüneburg referees were able to prepare a little earlier for the evening event in the big tent during the October week in Warburg, where the award ceremony was held in front of 1.000 visitors.
After a lot of mineral water and little sleep, the SVE referees returned home the next morning to do their volunteering on the sports fields around Lüneburg in the afternoon.
The following team led by goalkeeper Frank Schlicht and bus driver Oliver Vogt: Tim Arend, Thore Bandow, Sebastian Deike, Jan-Erik Ramm, Kilian Sieper, Lukas Stegen and Lukas Wandrey.
Warburg next year? Sure, of course!

Registration procedure 2019


The local referee committee decided: All but two of the referees were recognized as active. Mirko Kämpfer takes a break, Richard Broischer moves to MTV Luhdorf-Roydorf in the neighboring district of Harburg for family reasons (and of course: THANKS for your years at SVE, Richy!!!). This means that SV Eintracht is once again one of the few clubs in the NFV district of Heide-Wendland to fulfill its referee target.

Further growth at the SVE referees


For the 2019/20 season, Frank Schlicht will change from TuS Brietlingen as referee to SV Eintracht. And a young lady is now also at the start: the 14-year-old Dalila Pepic passed the candidate exam with a wonderful result and is looking forward to her first appearances in the black dress!

A new SVE referee!


Since February 28th, SV Eintracht has another referee: Fabian Heise (14) passed the exam at the newcomer course in Bienenbüttel. We hope you have fun!

Mirko Kämpfer in DFB Referee Journal

About SVE referee Mirko Kämpfer reports the DFB Referee Journal 01/2019. In the Schleswig-Holstein initiative “Referee’s Internship” he was the first participant ever. Meanwhile, the project has evolved so that even the DFB reported in his referee newspaper.
For more information about the referee’s internship, visit HERE (available only in German language, sorry).

37th Lower Saxony U19 Referee Tournament


Three Eintracht referees were nominated for the Heide Wendland district selection teams at the 37th Lower Saxony U19 Referee Tournament on the first weekend of January in Goettingen: Kilian Sieper, Lukas Stegen and Jan-Erik Ramm played in one of the two district teams, Oliver Vogt moved in the background the threads of the delegation from the newly built big district.
Highlight at the kick-off event on Friday evening was the podium discussion with the Bundesliga referees Frank Willenborg and Harm Osmers as well as the two German top referees Bibiana Steinhaus and Riem Hussein who are nominated for the Women’s World Cup 2019. With the fourtime world women referee Steinhaus, the two Eintracht youngsters managed a snapshot.

“Budenzauber” 2018


Christoph Ulinski, Celina Böhm, Jan-Erik Ramm

At the SVE “Budenzauber”, the largest and most traditional indoor football tournament in Lueneburg, the Referee of SV Eintracht Lueneburg were also present: while Aline Schönsee, Sven Kampf and Oliver Vogt worked in the tournament management, were Richard Broischer on the first day and Celina Böhm, Jan-Erik Ramm and Christoph Ulinski active on the second day and officiated the matches of the tournament without any problem.








2nd row from left: Otto Vogt, Christoph Ulinski, Kilian Sieper, Lukas Stegen, Thore Bandow, Jan-Erik Ramm, Mirko Kämpfer, Tim Arend, Oliver Vogt, Manfred Fricke; 1st row from left: Sven Kampf, Lukas Wandrey, Aline Schönsee, Celina Sophie Böhm, Sebastian Deike, Milan Hahnemann, Richard Broischer

Even frosty temperatures can’t hurt the referees of the SV Eintracht: in the newly delivered adidas18 outfit (well, the socks were still not available after half a year …) the host referees met in the morning of December, 16th at their sportsground to shoot some host photos for the Referee Cup. Only Victoria Reinecke were missed – but nevertheless the SVE Referees are not only successful, but also really beautiful…!

New member of the Heide Wendland Referee Committee


At the board meeting of the Heide-Wendland district on December 6th, two new members were provisionally included in the local referee committee.
In addition to 8th league referee Markus Schultz (MTV Treubund Lueneburg), who will be member of the appointment team, SVE top referee Celina Sophie Böhm (photo with local referee chairman Volker Leddin) will be the contact person for the local women referees. And the first major challenge has now been set: a referee course exclusively for new women and girls in May, for which the Women’s Committee will postpone the weekend’s matchdays. Good luck with the upcoming tasks!







Personal News from the host’s section


On August 15th, the 15-year-old Sebastian Deike passed the exam in Echem to be a new referee. We wish you success in your new job!
Unfortunately Jette Weber came after some auditions to the result that the job of the referee isn’t her’s. Never mind – Jette, you tried, thank you!

Appointments at the 1st Youth Cup of SV Eintracht


The referees of the SV Eintracht were hard at work in their own club: especially the youngest colleagues were able to prove themselves at the 1st Youth Cup of the SV Eintracht, which was Held on the weekend June 8th to 10th on the Hasenburg.

Promotion to the district (7th) league


At the age of 16, he made it: SVE referee talent Jan-Erik Ramm will officiate the men’s district league (7th league) games starting in the 2018/19 season. After successful examination he was nominated for the new league.
Wonderful – let’s see where the career is going on!






DFB Referee Course




And the next good news from the hosts of the referee cup: SVE top referee Celina Böhm takes as a representative of the Lower Saxony Football Association from March 21st to 25th as referee at the DFB-U16 Girls National Cup in the academy Duisburg-Wedau. The 21-year-old student currently officiates matches in her three highest classes: in the U17 Girls Bundesliga, in the Women’s Regionalliga (3rd League) and in the Men’s District League (7th league). She is also on the road in the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga as an assistant.
But first in Duisburg: good luck!
Special thanks go to Karsten Schulz from , who took the photo at the 3rd league game Bramfelder SV – SV Meppen II!




Five new referees


Five SVE referees have made it: at the refereeing course started on January 29th, Jette Weber from the U14 Girls team, Kilian Sieper, Lukas Stegen and Milan Hahnemann from the U14 Boys team and Mirko Kämpfer, who recently moved from Schleswig-Holstein to Bienenbuettel, who has already completed the first steps as referee, successfully passed the exam. The SV Eintracht congratulates!

Celina Böhm in the Bundesliga


Referee since February 2011, already in 2012 at 15 years the youngest referee on federal state level and 2017 reached the Bundesliga: Eintracht referee Celina Böhm has made the next major step and will officiate from the season 2017/18 games in the nationwide U17 Girls Bundesliga. In addition, her tasks are complex: referee in the women’s 3rd league and the men’s 7th league (on district level) and referee assistant in the 2nd Women’s Bundesliga – there is no boredom for the student with the well-sounding study course “Business Media and Communication (Digital and Print)”.
She also takes a part on the homepage of the DFB:

Personal changes


At the annual general meeting of SV Eintracht Lueneburg at the end of March, Oliver Vogt replaced Sven Kampf as the club’s referee-chairman. Sven Kampf held the office together with Aline Schoensee for five years. Most recently, the department’s record-breaking 19 referees were active – the largest refereeing department in the district of Lueneburg. Sven will now increasingly work as chairman of the whole football-section and Aline as secretary for the whole club. Thanks for all to both!
Unfortunately, DFB-U17-Bundesliga-Assistant Louis Mourier has finished his studies in Lueneburg and has returned to his home at Lake Constance in Southern Germany. Louis, thank you for your commitment and good luck on your ways – you are always welcome in Lueneburg!

THE coach for the SVE team


Juergen Buettner

Sensation on the Hasenburg – he is on one level with Franz Beckenbauer, José Mourinho or Fabio Capello: Juergen Buettner (Berlin) has now signed the contract which makes him manager for the team of the SVE referees at the 13th Referee Cup. The 53-year-old from Hermsdorf became a legend as coach of the Lueneburg referee team at the tournaments in Lahti, Finland, where he send the team regularly after the matches to maximum power.








SVE Referees at work


Some SVE referees were in action between the years at the 27th “Budenzauber” of SV Eintracht Lueneburg, THE Lueneburg indoor-tournament. In addition to Christoph Ulinski, Oliver Vogt and the former 5th-league-referee Oliver Steinberg (now in Schleswig-Holstein), the 15-year-old talent Jan-Erik Ramm also officiated the matches, 2nd-league-assistant Celina Böhm even took the final between the 4th-league Lueneburger SK Hansa and the 6th-league MTV Treubund Lueneburg (2:3) – in front of a sold-out hall.
On the 7th of January, five referees from SV Eintracht played at the 35th Lower Saxony’s U19-Referees-Championship: Jan-Erik Ramm, Lukas Wandrey and Thore Bandow finished as vice-champions with the Lueneburg team, Vicky Reinecke and Charlotte Zoephel were nominated for the Lueneburg women district selection, which earned a good third place.

“Referee of the year 2016”: both from SV Eintracht!!!


Fantastic success for two refs from the Hasenburg: Jan-Erik Ramm (15, category U18) and Christoph Ulinski (44, category Over 18) were elected at Lueneburg’s “Referee of the year 2016” at the Christmas meeting.
Jan-Erik Ramm, only referee since February 2016, were immediately noticed by a high motivation. He soon became an assistant in the 7th league and were nominated to officiate junior games at the district level. In October 2016, Jan-Erik was called to the talent group in Lueneburg, led by former DFB referee Tobias Helwig (FC Heidetal) and U17-Bundesliga-assistant Louis Mourier (SV Eintracht Lueneburg).
Christoph Ulinski started his promising career in 1986 and was taken to the 4th league by the then Lueneburg Bundesliga referee Manfred Harder. However, he decided to act as a player and coach. For almost 20 years his career as referee rested until he was in the mood for taking the whistle once again. After his restart in 2014, Christoph Ulinski quickly proved to be a motivated and prudent leader and was soon promoted to the highest local league (8th league). At each game, the players are sure that the game will be in good hands.
SV Eintracht Lueneburg is proud of these excellent referees and wishes them both a lot of fun and success with this hobby in the next few years!